The Resurrection Incident is an exciting sci-fi book for teens.

The Earth-human species is dwindling. Survivors live in constant fear and on the run. When there is nothing left ot lose and everything to live for, the battle for existence begins.


For the human race to survive, teenage Jarem and his team must use their evolved intuitive abilities to help find a way to stop the resurrect creatures that have been targeting Earth humans for several generations and decimating their species. Once their plan is in motion, the pressure is on and timing is everything. Either they find the answer quickly or remain on the run and hiding forever. Even worse, they could end up like all the Earthers in the past that were taken by the resurrects. That’s not an option Jarem and his team will even consider.

Zelwa is also a teenager trying to figure out her place in the world. Little does she know, her life is about to be turned upside down and nothing will ever be the same.

The Resurrection Incident is a story of loss and friendship and the struggle of Earthers to overcome insurmountable obstacles to have the freedom to live life on their own terms. It’s a story of evolving to be more so that you can do more. Join Jarem and Zelwa as their individual stories unfold and uncover the truth behind the origins of the resurrects and the possibility of stopping them. Filled with tragedy coupled with hope, their story is a tale of humans learning to forge their own destiny.

The Secret in Bladham Wood is a fun story for middle-graders.

Two sisters. A family secret.
What will they uncover in the woods?


Sisters don’t always get along. Sam often wishes she was an only child. However, when something happens to her kid sister Lilly, Sam is ready to take on whatever comes her way, despite her fear and uncertainty. With her new friend Marcus, Sam sets out to rescue Lilly. Their journey uncovers a family secret that changes Sam and the way she sees the world, forever. 

Filled with surprises, “The Secret in Bladham Wood” follows Sam as she examines her shifting inner world as well as the dangerous unknowns she finds in the forest behind her grandparents’ house. 

Join Sam on her journey as a typical summer visit takes an unexpected turn into adventure and magic!

Sentenced is a story about teen girls at Young Women Camp.

Story of three friends, trapped at Young Women’s church camp,  awakening to inconsistencies in human nature.

A fun story of a woman uncovering her power.

Bethany, a single woman in her early-40s, is feeling sort of meh about life. Besides an extraordinary ability to tap into the future on occasion, her life is adequate, but not very fulfilling. Everything changes when she meets her soulmate but can’t seem to make things work with him, setting her on a path to figure out how to make her life all the things that she has always wanted it to be.