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TZ Books is an indie publishing company created by Sheila Lee Brown to publish her creations. The commitment is to create quality fiction and other useful booklets. Over all, the goal is entertainment and fun for those who stumble into Sheila’s imagination.

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And just who is this Sheila Lee Brown?

Sheila Lee Brown is a writer, artist, and generally very curious person. She was born and raised in South Carolina where she spent her childhood playing outdoors in the surrounding woods and making up stories with her three siblings.

Sheila currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with her husband and their dog. She enjoys writing, reading, drawing silly cartoons, and always learning and growing.

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A Note from Sheila Lee Brown

Good day!

Just so you know, I am a private person and choose to express myself – from a distance – through my writing, art, and other crafty goodness. However, I have finally arrived at the realization that to get my creations out into the world so that folks will enjoy them, I need to put myself out there as well.

I am a late bloomer in most things and while I have been working towards this critical shift in my life for many years, I finally feel the confidence to push myself out into the open and take things as they come. I’m well over 40 years old and have enough experience to know that I can get through it all and restart when needed. I take the process as a life lesson.

It is my greatest desire that my creations will amuse and maybe even provoke thought. In the end, this is fun for me, and I will continue to create to that end. It makes me smile. It often makes me laugh. Sometimes stories are heart-wrenching for me and I process those emotions as well.

To learn more about what I’m up to and gain insight in my work, check out my blog:

May your days be filled with wonder and curiosity…