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Dave Baldwin

Paragraph story about avocado.


Jennifer tiptoed around the corner of the school hallway. Dustin was at the agreed meeting spot. He glanced up from his phone, then back down.… Read More »Guacamole

Paragraph story about illness.


Alfred waited in the antechamber, pacing nervously. The door opened, and two men walked through. “I’m afraid we have bad news,” the first one said.… Read More »Illness

Paragraph story about a meeting place.


Sarah huffed and puffed. It had been a long hike so far, and the entrance to the underground cavern network was still a few miles… Read More »Rock

Paragraph story about ants.


The Queen Ant called the ceremony to order. The worker ants stopped. The soldier ants stood at attention. The artist ants froze in formation. The… Read More »Worship

Paragraph about a haunted house.


Marty walked down the hallway. It was nearing midnight in the spooky old haunted house. The boys in the schoolyard had bet him twenty dollars… Read More »Sign