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End of Year Thoughts Part II – Acceptance

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The world is what it is and I have no interest in forcing it to change. Forcing change implies that I think I know the best way that it should be and I am clear that is not the case.

Going forward, I intend to accept the world as it is and hold a place in my mind and heart for it to become better and better – whatever that looks like.

I also intend to do my part to create good things in the world and hope you all do as well.

To a magical new year, folks…!

Note from Sheila Lee Brown:  I feel that the best way people connect and learn are through each other’s stories. I share what I share because this is part of my story and I hope it contains some usefulness for others. I would love to see your comments on this topic – your successes or failures – so that I can learn from you as well.


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