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Messy Day (WARNING: This story has graphic images)

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Mamie could feel the fear building up inside her like the pressure in the soda can she had dropped down the steps when bringing in the groceries that morning. Her five year old son had made a mess when he opened it a short while ago and it had sprayed all over the kitchen. She wished she hadn’t lost her temper about that, but she also knew wishing wasn’t going to settle the terror bubbling up inside her. She knelt on the kitchen floor, halted in cleaning up the sticky brown liquid spread out around her, staring into the opening of the small pistol she kept hidden in her bedroom. Her son’s tiny hands held the gun pointed straight at her. She could see that he was going to pull the trigger at any second. Despite the panic quickening her heartbeat and causing her to break out into a sweat, she couldn’t help but wonder who would be cleaning up the spray caused by the bullet popping open her head.

NOTE: The brief narrative above was brought to you by TZ Books and The Bite-Size Fiction Project, created by Dave Baldwin and Sheila Lee Brown (this particular one is a Sheila-story). The results of this project are bite-size story morsels for short attention spans. These tidbits are sometimes fun, sometimes weird…but always short!


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