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Party Over

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The full moon switched off its bright glow abruptly one night at 11:22 p.m. In truth, the sun’s light winked out and thus stopped reflecting off the moon’s surface. As a result, the earth was dark. And cold. All life shriveled up and died rather quickly, forcing all manner of spirit back into energy form. It was equivalent to someone walking into a dance club and killing the music. The fun was over. Confused and a little miffed, spirit energy looked around for something else to do with eternity. The possibilities were endless.

NOTE: The brief narrative above was brought to you by TZ Books and The Bite-Size Fiction Project, created by Dave Baldwin and Sheila Lee Brown (this particular one is a Sheila-story). The results of this project are bite-size story morsels for short attention spans. These tidbits are sometimes fun, sometimes weird…but always short!


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