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Paragraph story about illness.


Alfred waited in the antechamber, pacing nervously. The door opened, and two men walked through. “I’m afraid we have bad news,” the first one said.… Read More »Illness

Paragraph story about the end.

Party Over

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The full moon switched off its bright glow abruptly one night at 11:22 p.m. In truth, the sun’s light winked out and thus stopped reflecting… Read More »Party Over

Paragraph story about piano lessons gone wrong.

Piano Lesson

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Sherman was sweating as his fingers maneuvered across the piano keys, picking out the multitude of notes on the sheet music in front of him.… Read More »Piano Lesson

Paragraph about a haunted house.


Marty walked down the hallway. It was nearing midnight in the spooky old haunted house. The boys in the schoolyard had bet him twenty dollars… Read More »Sign

Paragraph story from the perspective of ants receiving bounty.


“Pull over!” Cara yelled from the back seat to her mom, who was driving the car. “PULL OVER NOW!” Cara yelled again when her mom… Read More »Goddess