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Trekking in the Snow

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I love the ingenuity of human beings. I especially love ideas that are simple and effective. Like the Yak Trax I’ve been wearing over my shoes since we got snow this past weekend in North Carolina. I love them.

Living in the Southeast where we never get too much snow, I don’t particularly want to buy snow boots or have to store them – especially since any snow around these parts disappears within a day or two and is usually only a couple of inches. However, I had no problem purchasing Yak Trax that fit over the bottom of any of my shoes and provide me with traction when things get a bit icy – and they fold up nice and small to be tucked away until such times as they are needed.

I’m not really promoting Yak Trax here. I know there are other products similar and probably work as well. I just love the idea. Simple and functional. I watch people on the news slipping around on the ice and talking about the dangers and I wonder why they never mention things as useful as Yak Trax.

All I know is that this is my second year using them and they are perfect. When it snows, the dog has to go out a few times a day whether I want to or not, so I am glad to be prepared. Heck, that crazy Pooster took off running this afternoon and I was able to run right along with him until he was tuckered out. I never slipped once (I actually don’t recommend trying this – I was in a position of either run or get pulled behind him face-first through the ice).

Anyway. Brilliant work, people. Keep those brains working and keep the good gadgets coming.

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