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The Queen Ant called the ceremony to order. The worker ants stopped. The soldier ants stood at attention. The artist ants froze in formation. The doctor ants set down their little bags. The lazy ants just sat there. Queen Nephreteetle read from the scriptures: “On the day of the Quiescent Moon, the Great One will bestow a feast upon the Colony.” The congregation of ants replied: “And we shall harvest with great speed.” The Queen spoke again: “The door shall open, and the tunneling shall begin.” The congregation hummed: “But first, let’s eat.” Cara looked back from the car. She realized her mistake. She had given them the keys to the kingdom when she lost her lunch on the ground. The raw corn chips, raw ice cream sundae and banana-chocolate smoothie contained just the right combination of proteins to unlock the ants’ superintelligence. They would soon be her new masters.

NOTE: The brief narrative above was brought to you by TZ Books and The Bite-Size Fiction Project, created by Dave Baldwin and Sheila Lee Brown (this particular one is a Dave-story). The results of this project are bite-size story morsels for short attention spans. These tidbits are sometimes fun, sometimes weird…but always short!


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